Lights on longer - safety first !

"Public safety is always our number one priority and it is imperative we take action if there is a need to keep street lights on for longer hours in specific areas".

Chris Chambers and Lee Reynolds have said they will make it a top priority to get street lights on for longer hours in specific areas of St Margaret's / Westgate Division.

When on the doorsteps, residents regularly bring up crime as one of their primary concerns. There are issues of drug dealing, anti-social behaviour across the ward and residents are, understandably, nervous about walking in the dark.

If elected as your County Councillors this year, Chris Chambers and Lee Reynolds will work with the County Council to look at specific areas of Westgate and St Margaret’s where you have asked us to consider having street lights on for longer at night. We want to ensure that all residents feel safe walking the streets and in their homes.

Other political parties are saying this can't be done. However as Conservatives we have a "can do" attitude and will work wholeheartedly to bring this about.

To tackle crime in the area, we are already talking to charities, the police and Tim Passmore, the Police and Crime Commissioner, to see what more can be done.

If elected to represent the people of St. Margaret's and Westgate we will work to ensure that real action is taken and will deliver on our pledges to you.