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Vicky Ford MEP - InTouch

Well, we have finally heard the Prime Minister's long awaited speech on our relationship with the EU.  In my opinion he has read the mood of the party perfectly and has promised to renegotiate a reformed relationship with the EU, and to give the British people a referendum on that new relationship.


One of the big items coming up on the legislative calendar is the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The CAP is a very important piece of legislation for the EU, as it will regulate agricultural policy until 2020 and the CAP represents just under half the EU budget!


"For us, the European Union is a means to an end - not an end in itself [...] the single market, and our ability to help set its rules is the principal reason for our membership of the EU [...] It is wrong to ask people whether to stay or go before we have had a chance to put the relationship right [...] when we have negotiated a new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple in or out choice"

Getting a better deal!

Last week, the Prime Minister set out Conservative plans to get the best deal for Britain in Europe. We’ve promised that as Conservatives, we’ll let the British public decide if that deal is enough for Britain. The British people have been out of this debate for too long – and that has to change.

Letter from Brussels

What a year we had in 2012, with the Olympics and the Jubilee.Both events showcased to the world what Britain can do, and why many of us are justifiably proud to be British.

Bixley Canvassing Session

Bob Hall, Ben Gummer MP, Kevin Algar, Lee Reynolds and Cllrs Chris and Pam Stewart joined me for an excellent canvassing session in Bixley on Saturday. And we were treated to a rare exception – Labour choosing to spend the morning covering exactly the same territory as us.