Ipswich Conservatives supporting the reinstatement of the No 4 bus Sunday service.


There is no longer a Sunday bus service along the Felixstowe Road, as First Bus are re-routing both the 76 and 77 saying that by doing this they will save time by using Spring Road as an alternative to the Bishops Hill / Felixstowe Road route. 

Holywells Cllr Liz Harsant has asked Ipswich Buses if they would reinstate the No 4 Bus on a Sunday which was stopped some time ago and she noted that earlier this year Ipswich Borough Council decided to spend around £125,000 subsidising Ipswich Buses when some services were under threat, including on Sundays: “So hopefully they will look to bring back our much loved No 4 bus” says Cllr. Harsant.
“With Christmas approaching, and the town centre desperately in need of the extra footfall to boost our retailers, I am very much hoping that the Council will be able to help, perhaps even offering to share costs for the Sunday service, rather than providing a full subsidy.

"Older people, and the disabled, especially, rely on bus services, so the decision by First Buses will undermine both the local economy and local residents’ options to meet family and friends, as well as access to the town’s entertainment and shopping facilities. Let’s hope Ipswich Borough Council will help to reinstate the No 4 bus on a Sunday”.

For further information contact:
Cllr Liz Harsant,  07789684153