Corbyn’s Surrender Bill

58% of the people of Ipswich voted for Brexit. We have spoken to thousands of people in Ipswich who want Brexit delivered, but the Labour MP for Ipswich does not hold the same views as his electors so continues to do everything he can to stop Brexit. 

Tom Hunt is the Conservative Party's candidate for the next general election, whenever that happens to be, and unlike the Labour MP who thinks he knows better than the residents of Ipswich, Tom campaigned for Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

Corbyn’s Surrender Bill would force total surrender – the Prime Minister would have to accept any terms Brussels demands. It also means endless delays – perhaps the permanent cancellation of Brexit. It is a shameful document.

Rather than giving the Prime Minister a chance to negotiate a better deal that could secure the approval of Parliament, this is about crippling negotiations, indefinite delay and, ultimately, cancelling the referendum.

Why is Corbyn’s Surrender Bill such a capitulation to Brussels?

Corbyn’s Surrender Bill would require the Prime Minister to ‘immediately’ accept any extension made by the EU irrespective of conditions that may be imposed. Brussels would be in total control.

The Prime Minister would have to accept if the EU offer a longer extension. If the EU say, ‘sorry you’ve got to make it six or nine months to accommodate a second referendum’, then that’s what the UK would have to accept. This is an attempt by those who want to cancel the referendum to set us up with a second referendum in sheep’s clothing.

The fact is that the Surrender Bill means a lengthy extension, or possibly indefinite extension. This could also mean every 28 days the government would have to take a specific action. All they want is a puppet government following the EU’s demands.