Conservatives Welcome Designs For New Wet Dock Crossings

The incredible designs of the new Upper Orwell Crossings have been released.

A few years ago, Ben Gummer MP said he would campaign for the new bridges across the River.

Ipswich Conservatives are delighted that the Conservative Government has pledged £70m of funding and Conservative Suffolk County Council the other £20m for the cost.

Foster and Partners (who designed the famous Willis building) have won the competition and the concept designs have now been made public.

Ben Gummer said “This is one of the most important days for Ipswich in many decades. It is difficult to overstate the importance of what these bridges will do and what they represent. The fact that we will have a globally recognised bridge of beauty will say something powerful about this town’s ambition and place in not just the country, but the world.

It seems fitting that the architects who designed the famous ‘Willis’ building have returned to create another historic piece of architecture in Ipswich.

I would like to thank Suffolk County Council and in particular Suzanne Buck, Deborah Cadman, and Colin Noble, who have worked so hard and at such speed to get us to the point where we now have engaged architects in only just over two years since we began the campaign for the funding for these bridges.”

Labour said this would never happen.

Well it IS happening, and only the Conservatives running Suffolk and in national government can be trusted to carry on with important investments like this and others in Ipswich.