Conservatives' support for vulnerable people

We are to invest £1bn over the next four years to support vulnerable people right across the county, building on the £60m invested to create ten modern care homes to provide care for the county’s most vulnerable.

The investment comes at a time of particular pressure for social care services and follows on the development of 10 modern care homes to support vulnerable people who can no longer remain in their own home.  In Ipswich we now have Prince George House on Ravenswood and Asterbury Place near Hawthorn Drive. The care homes also include Day Care centres to help people who don't need residential care.

Providing social care services is one of the most critical functions of the County Council. This investment marks out this area as key for the future of our most vulnerable residents and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring they are properly cared for.

Whether in their own home or in a residential home, we owe a duty to our vulnerable people to care for them in the way we would want our own relatives to be cared for.

Residents across Ipswich can be assured of our commitment to the right care at the right time and to give people the support they need to remain independent for as long as possible.

This could all be jeopardised if we had a Labour county council propped up by Liberal Democrats. Their complete mis-understanding of the County's finances is very dangerous, and their reckless spending plans would result in the council running out of money.