Boris Johnson tops poll of Ipswich residents

Boris Johnson has topped a poll carried out by Tom Hunt to see what Ipswich residents think about the different candidates in the Conservative leadership race to become the next Prime Minister. Overall 50% of those who took part in the poll voted for Boris Johnson to be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

Two weeks ago before the candidates running to become leader were officially confirmed, Tom launched a poll targeted at Ipswich residents to see what they think. The poll was targeted at Ipswich residents and those who took part were asked to enter their postcode to ensure they came from Ipswich.

Many Ipswich residents took part in the poll which demonstrated strong support for Boris Johnson. 



The results of the poll were as follows: Boris Johnson: 50% Rory Stewart: 11% Dominic Raab: 10% Steve Baker: 6% Ester McVey: 6% Andrea Leadsom: 5% Jeremy Hunt: 4% Michael Gove: 4% Sajid Javid: 2% Priti Patel: 1% Sam Gyimah: 1%.

Commenting upon the survey results, Tom Hunt said:

"I was keen to get a bit of a sense as to what Ipswich residents thought about the respective leadership candidates and though this poll was hardly overly scientific the results are interesting.

"Its clear that Boris Johnson received far more support than all of the other candidates. I appreciate his profile and name recognition is far higher than all the other candidates but the extent of his lead in impressive. This poll was launched before we had the final list of official candidates and some of the candidates who have subsequently dropped out and didn't do too badly in this poll have gone on to back Boris.

"Its also worth noting that those candidates who supported Brexit and have been unwavering in their commitment to take us out of the EU by the end of October at the latest have picked up over 75% of the votes in this poll.

"However, I would add that not a great number residents in Ipswich who voted either for the Labour Party or the Lib Dems at the last General election took part in the poll. Therefore clearly one needs to take take these results with a pinch of salt!"