Ashdown Way Re-Surfaced - As Pledged

During his election campaign, Bixley Cllr Eddy Phillips, pledged that Ashdown Way would be re-surfaced as part of the overall Felixstowe Road improvement scheme, and now it has been finished.

Eddy says "Residents have been reporting the poor road surface to me and my Bixley colleagues over some time, as the pot holes had become worse, despite some temporary repairs. I asked Paul West to talk to Suffolk Highways to get this resolved. I am delighted that the whole road has now been re-surfaced from the junction of Bixley Road, up the hill and beyond. Promise made, pledge delivered ! "

With Conservatives elected, you get action. In the meantime, Jeremy Corbyn's local councillors do nothing but complain about pot holes and road surfaces. Yet when roads are repaired, there is a distinct lack of praise by Labour to Suffolk County Council. Just think of Sidegate Lane, Woodbridge Road, Whitby Road and Colchester Road which have recently been repaired.

Vote Conservative and you get action. Vote Labour and nothing happens.

Pictured  -the road now, and as it was a few months ago.