Tom's letter in response to current MP's column on northern bypass

I write in response to the local Labour MP's weekly column published last Friday about the northern bypass. I'm glad that my questioning regarding his commitment to the northern bypass has triggered a response however I feel as though there are some inaccuracies that I need to point out.

Firstly, he states that the former Transport Secretary showed no interest in the northern bypass. This is simply not true. When he was in post, unlike the local MP, I actually meet with him one to one to discuss my transport survey and to push the case for the northern bypass. He was warm to the idea [pictured].

As for the local Labour MP claiming that he's repeatedly raised the issue of congestion in the Town and the case for a northern bypass in Parliament, there simply isn't any evidence to suggest this is the case. The Hansard parliamentary website holds all this information. From what I can see from looking through all written questions submitted and speeches made the northern bypass has only been mentioned once in over two years. 

However, we are where we are and I'm glad the local Labour MP has put in a request to meet the new Transport Secretary. I for one am more than happy to put Party politics to one side and from this point forwards to work together with him to make the case to Government that Ipswich needs a northern bypass. I hope he takes me up on this offer as I believe it would be in the best interests of the Town if we do.