Tom meets with the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

On Monday I met with Boris in London to discuss my campaign in Ipswich (note the matching ties). I again highlighted the importance of the Ipswich northern bypass and the need for Ipswich to be near the front of the queue when it comes to the increased investment into our police forces and the 20,000 extra police officers.

He asked me how people are feeling in Ipswich at the moment about the current state of affairs in Parliament, of course there are many different views on this but based on my experience knocking on doors over the past few weeks my answer was , "Fed up", but I also added that the majority of the people I've spoken to are right behind him and just want Brexit to be delivered.

As I was leaving the meeting, he remembered our discussions last month in Suffolk and said, "I remember that you wanted me to do something, what was it", my answer, "build the northern bypass".