Northern Route Consultation

Tom Hunt and Ipswich Conservatives are backing the Northern Route for Ipswich. Conservative Suffolk County Council, with other councils, have identified three potential routes for a new east/west link between the A12 and A14 corridors – an inner corridor from Martlesham to Claydon, a middle corridor from Woodbridge to Claydon, and an outer corridor from Melton to the A140 near Needham Market.

Please see the map below.

Please show your support to this project by getting involved in the consultation exercise-

Tom says "I’m glad that plans for a northern bypass are progressing through the various stages and that local people are going to be able to have their say through the consultation process.

“This is a good opportunity for those in the town who are supportive of the bypass to make clear their views. Earlier this year I conducted a transport survey across Ipswich and it made clear the depth of support there is for a northern bypass. I expect this support to become evident throughout the consultation process."