The Conservatives' plan to reform society after the riots

A review of Government policies has been issued following last week's riots and Prime Minister David Cameron announced in a speech today that he was seeking to ensure that they are bold enough to fix a "broken society".

He dubbed the riots a "wake-up call for our country" and said he would speed up plans to deal with anti-social behaviour and improve parenting and education.

To make certain that the problems are defeated, the security fightback must match that of the social fightback.

"Social problems that have been festering for decades have exploded in our face."

"We must fight back against the attitudes and assumptions that have brought parts of our society to this shocking state."

By reviewing all policies and programmes the Coalition Government will determine whether they are bold enough to deliver the changes needed to mend society. This process will occur over the next few weeks.

With regards to the "security fightback", the Mr. Cameron announced plans for a stronger police presence on the streets. And he said the police would be cutting the burden of bureaucracy which until now has meant officers spending the majority of their time filling in forms and stuck behind desks.

In terms of the "social fightback", more emphasis will be placed on families and parents, developing a plan to help to get "families on track"; a "family test" will be applied to all domestic policy."

Mr Cameron promised to take action to "turn around the lives" of the 120,000 most troubled families in the country by the next general election.

With regards to improving state-education, Mr. Cameron pledged to turn round the 200 weakest secondaries and the 200 weakest primaries in the next year.

"Just as we want schools to be proud of we want everyone to feel proud of their communities."

The Government will also be extending its programme of National Citizen Service, working with businesses, charities, schools and social enterprises, so that it is available to all sixteen year olds.

"Stronger families. Stronger communities. A stronger society.

"This is what I came into politics to do - and the shocking events of last week have renewed in me that drive."

"We are all in this together, and we will mend our broken society - together."