Congratulations to our new leader

The Ipswich Conservative Association congratulates Boris Johnson who has been announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party and therefore Prime Minister.

Tom Hunt, Ipswich Conservatives' candidate for MP said "

"I'm glad that Boris Johnson has won the Conservative Party leadership election. I made clear my support for Boris when he first threw his hat into the ring to become the next leader and I'm confident that he can deliver Brexit and defeat Jeremy Corbyn at the next General election, whenever it is.

"Boris had a strong record as Mayor of London and I'm in strong agreement with his approach to Brexit, tackling knife crime and the importance of significant infrastructure projects.

"We need to leave the EU by the end of October no ifs or buts. 

"It's important that the Conservative Party now unites and focuses all its energy on delivering Brexit and defeating the most left wing and dangerous Labour leader this country has ever had.

"Jeremy Hunt is an extremely honorable man who has fought a commendable campaign and I'm sure he has a key role to play within the Conservative Party over the coming months."

John Howard, our Association Chairman said-

"I’m very pleased that the leadership election is now over I would have been happy to have either candidate as our leader however I think with Boris we have someone who gives us the best chance of coming out of Europe.

"It’s essential that the whole party now all pull together behind the new leader. Most people think there will be an general election some time over the next 12 months . As an association we are organised, disciplined and already making plans for such an event.

"In Tom Hunt we have a very talented politician who deserves a place at Westminster, Ipswich also deserves to be served by a Conservative MP, someone who will inspire and drive Ipswich forward. It is our job to get him there, I’m confident we can do so

"As always we need all the support and help from our members who are so important to us."

Conservative Deputy Group Leader at the council & local campaign organiser, Cllr Eddy Phillips, said "I have been waiting for this day since 2008 when I said Boris could be Conservative leader within 10 years. I was one year out in my prediction, but his stamina and determination will ensure our town and country have a fantastic future as he delivers his positive vision of Brexit and beyond and the people see clear blue water between a successful Conservative administration and the damaging Marxist proposals from Mr Corbyn and his lefty comrades nationally and locally. I am working night and day to ensure that Tom is elected as the next MP for Ipswich, and that we eventually take control of Ipswich Borough Council. "