Tom's campaign for more police funding for Ipswich

Tom says "I'm glad the Government has announced we're going to be getting an extra 54 police officers but the police funding formula needs to be reformed to ensure that Ipswich benefits more when the next wave of recruitment is announced. Tougher sentencing and more youth clubs also key."

Tom comments on the coming election

So next month we have a General Election on our hands and the people of Ipswich will have the opportunity to elect their Member of Parliament.

We’re ready for a General Election

We’re holding a general election on 12 December – so we can elect a new Parliament, get Brexit done and let the country move on.


So it looks like we're going to be heading to the polls this December. Reluctantly I have come to the view that this election is necessary (despite the unfortunate timing) .

Tom talks why he wants to be the next MP for Ipswich

Tom explains why he wants to be the MP for Ipswich.

Ipswich is full of potential, but we need:
-More local Police
-A new northern Bypass
-More local GPs

This is why I’m standing to be Ipswich's next Member of Parliament 

Conservative Party Discussion Evening

Our next Conservative social event is on Wednesday 23rd October from 6.30pm for 7.00pm start. The price is £15 per person to include fish and chips.

See where we're hiring police officers in your area

The Home Office has today confirmed the officer recruitment targets for every police force in England and Wales for the first year of the unprecedented drive to increase their ranks by 20,000 over the next three years.