We Believe in Ipswich Town Centre!


The Conservative-led administration on Ipswich Borough Council supported the project to repave King Street and Lion Street around the Corn Exchange and then create a new public space called Giles Circus at the top of Princes Street and Queen Street. The area has been paved in high quality granite and yorkstone and includes 5 newly planted trees and Giles ‘Granny’ statue in a new position sitting on top of a specially designed plinth. This enables the statue to be clearly visible for all to see and the granite plinths also provide seating.

The majority of the funding for the project came from the Haven Gateway Partnership who wanted to invest in high quality town centre improvements but this was only received due to the support of the Conservative-led administration at Ipswich.

Councillor Tanya de Hoedt, Transport Portfolio Holder says: “It is fantastic to see Giles Circus completed and everyone enjoying this new space. The area now properly shows off all the beautiful buildings around it such as the Corn Exchange, which had its exterior recently refurbished by this administration. 

 It has been sad to hear the constant opposition to this scheme from Labour Councillors. It is as if they don’t want to see investment in Ipswich! Everyone expects this high quality in places like Norwich, Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds, so why not Ipswich? 

I’m delighted that Ipswich Conservatives have been able to show that we believe in our town centre. The positive results can already been seen by several new shops which have opened close by.”

Giles Statue, Giles Square, Ipswich by PAUL FARMER.