Talking with Tom

We are living through extraordinary times and I’m fully aware of how difficult things are for many of my constituents at the moment. Particularly many of the elderly and more vulnerable members of our community and those being advised to self-isolate.

For many of those who live alone and have been asked to self-isolate, loneliness may well become a key issue for many within our community. It’s for this reason that I am working with AGE UK in setting up “Talking with Tom” system so that anyone who wants to talk to me on the phone can register to do so and secure a time slot. In short I’m happy to discuss any issue under the sun and to provide company to anyone in my constituency during this difficult time. Whether you want to discuss the weather, your family, concerns about the virus or my first few months representing you as your MP and what I’m up to at the moment, please do get in touch with my office to set up a time to talk to me. If you know anyone who might be interested in this, please do pass them my details.

If people would like to book a slot to talk to me, they should call 01473 599155 or email me on:, where one of my team will get them booked in to receive a call from me at a time that suits them.