Speeding and rat running problems

Many residents across Priory Heath, and other areas of the town have raised speeding and rat running as a concern in their local areas. We are keen to see what can be done to help.

At a public meeting regarding the issue, the current Labour County Councillors for Priory Heath and St John's failed to mention any solutions or possible ways to alleviate the problem in their areas. Ipswich Conservative Councillors and Candidates including Andy Shannon, (our local Conservative candidate in Priory Heath), are keen to help in organising residents in coming up with solutions and consideration of community speed watch zones. 

If you are willing to volunteer or help with this, please get in touch with Andy.

Email - prioryheath@ipswichconservatives.com

Mobile - 07891 656048

Labour county councillors have often failed to prioritise highway improvement projects in their own area when they have a specific pot of money exactly for this purpose, and blame the county council when they don't spend their own pot.

Conservative Councillors, proposed that a speed indicator device be purchased by the North East Area for use in that area and this is now being acquired. A more portable version has been obtained for the south east area.  These will be used on a rotational basis for streets with perceived problems.

If you want your area to change, and for longer-term highway solutions, you need to vote for a new Conservative Councillor for your area.

Put Thursday 4th May in your diary now.