Record low number of children in workless households

There are 22,234 fewer children in workless households in this region compared to 2010. The number of children living in households with no one working is at a record low, meaning more children are living in families with job security. Since last year, 29,000 fewer children across the UK are living in workless households.

Overall across the country, the number of workless households is down 964,000 since 2010, with the proportion of workless households now at its lowest level since records began in 1996.

This means more children in families in Ipswich can have the security that comes with a good job and a regular pay packet.

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn's local representatives protest about their depressed view of the county's economy, in the real world it is the Conservatives’ reforms to welfare and support for business which are creating more jobs, as part of our work to build a stronger economy.

We are delivering a brighter, more secure future for families – but there is more to do. That is why we are investing in a modern Industrial Strategy to build a country that works for everyone.