A record to be proud of


The Conservatives in Ipswich are proud of their record since taking control of Ipswich Borough Council in 2004. 

During those seven years finances have been brought under control so that this year Council Tax has been reduced – for the first time ever. Council debt has also fallen from £30M, under Labour, in 2003 to £18M today, under the Conservatives.

 But it’s not just about saving money where the Conservatives have had success. The town has seen investment in the provision of better services. There is a real buzz about the town. On the Waterfront, The Dance East and James Hehir Buildings are known well beyond Ipswich. The IP-ART festival attracts many people from wide and far. And the old favourites are coming of age too; The Crown Pools are being refurbished, The Regent has been restored and Giles Circus has been given a makeover of which Grandma would be proud. 

Leading the way on the big society

  • Ipswich Film Theatre, so long shackled by the bureaucracy of the borough council, is now being run by volunteers and is thriving under its new set up
  • A fund this year of £100,000 available for Invest to Save projects to community and voluntary groups
  • Locality budgets of £5,000 for councillors so they can help residents kick-start small one-off local projects with the people they represent  


Bringing Finances under control

  • A reduction in Council Tax this year – the first time ever in Ipswich – and a further reduction next year
  • Debt slashed from £30M in 2003, under Labour, to just £18M under the Conservatives
  • Ipswich no longer the laughing stock of Suffolk when balancing the books


Putting Ipswich on the map 

  • The James Hehir Building on the Waterfront is home to specialist teaching facilities
  • The IP-ART Festival is widely acclaimed across the country as a top event 
  • Dance East, one of the nation’s leading dance organisations, is a magnet for world class artists


Investing in Improved Facilities

  • Over £3 million being spent on Crown Pools refurbishment  
  • The Regent restored and attracting record audiences 
  • Giles Circus area given a makeover to boost the town centre


Delivering on housing 

  • Delivered the decent homes standard and invested over £125M in our Council housing


A Conservative vote on May 5th will ensure that finances remain under control and the town’s profile will be raised even higher, bringing jobs and prosperity to our town.