The £58b black hole in Labour plans

We’ve been going through the numbers in Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto - and what we discovered might shock you.

The amount Labour want to spend is £58 billion more than the amount they are going to raise. That’s a £58 billion black hole in a single year - paid for by every family in the country with higher taxes and more debt.

Jeremy Corbyn said his manifesto was ‘fully costed’ - but if he can’t be trusted to add up properly, then how can anyone trust him to run the economy or negotiate the right Brexit deal for Britain?

How much could Corbyn cost us in Ipswich ? It works out at approximately £900 for every adult and child in our town in year one alone.  Can you and your family afford that, on top of all the other tax rises which Corbyn would impose on Ipswich?

The ONLY way to avoid this economic disaster is RE-ELECT BEN GUMMER ON June 8th.