Prime Minister’s illness shows how dangerous coronavirus can be

This week we have all witnessed the dramatic spectacle of the Prime Minister of our country being admitted to the intensive care department at St Thomas’s Hospital in central London. This was a very sudden development and one that caught many of us by surprise, writes Tom, in his Ipswich Star article on Friday.

It really goes to show how dangerous the virus is, how it doesn’t discriminate between people and how we are all vulnerable to its effects. It also goes to show how unpredictable its impact can be on people.

Initially it seemed as though the symptoms the Prime Minister was experiencing were only mild and that like most people he would be able to leave self-isolation after one week. But then all of a sudden, he’d been admitted into the intensive care department at a London hospital.

Fortunately it seems as though the Prime Minister is responding positively to treatment and will hopefully be out of Hospital in the near future.

It’s been pleasing to see figures from across the political spectrum coming together and wishing the Prime Minister well. In addition to being our Prime Minister, he is also a father, a son, a brother and someone who is loved very dearly by someone who very soon is expecting to give birth to his child.

I can only imagine how they must have been feeling over the past week. Over the last week a huge number of constituents have been in touch to wish the Prime Minister well and I have expressed these sentiments directly to the Prime Minister.

Some have asked whether the Prime Minister could have helped himself out by not working so hard over the past few weeks, particularly after he was tested positive for COVID-19.

Ultimately I do not know the answer to this question but what I do know is that the Prime Minister must be feeling an awesome sense of responsibility for steering our country through these hellish waters and I can understand how in his own mind “switching off” must seem like the hardest and the most unnatural thing to do.

However, at this stage clearly the Prime Minister should be focused on his own wellbeing and recovery. It’s only by conquering that challenge that he can ensure that as soon as possible he is back at the helm providing us with the firm leadership that we desperately need.


Article taken from Ipswich Star -