Since 2010, Ben has

  • Protected Ipswich Hospital and brought in new services; under the previous Labour MP for Ipswich, the hospital was losing services.  Ben will enable it to become a regional centre of excellence.
  • Acquired the funding for the rebuild of Ipswich Academy and Suffolk New Academy: by 2020 Ben will ensure all our schools have Good or Outstanding ratings. With the next wave of our Free School Programme, there are 230,000 more good school places already created or in the pipeline – and we’re on course to create 270,000 more in the next Parliament. That’s half-a-million more good school places overall – giving families across the country peace of mind that their child is getting a great education.
  • Enabled unemployment to reduce by a third and bring youth unemployment to its lowest ever.  Conservatives are determined to bring about the conditions so that everyone capable has the opportunity of a secure job.
  • Voted to ensure that more people have the chance to live in a decent house, such as enabling new council house building or the Help to Buy Scheme. Since 2013, over 88,000 people have purchased their own home with Help to Buy across the UK and over 80% of those are first-time buyers.


Ben Gummer and Ipswich Conservative Councillors are working through our long-term plan that will secure a healthier economy and a better future for you, your family and Ipswich.

Thanks to the ongoing sacrifices and determination of the British people, our country is starting to recover after tough economic times. But the job is not done. We must continue to take careful and difficult decisions to help build a better Britain – one that rewards those who have put in, who contribute and who play by the rules.  

This way we can secure a better future for our country and hardworking taxpayers – with Britain standing tall in the world again and with its people more secure at home.

The county cannot afford you to vote for Ed Miliband’s candidate in Ipswich as all the hard work of the last 5 years would be reversed overnight and it would mean more borrowing, tax and spending.

 Vote for Ben Gummer – standing up for Ipswich.