James' key priorities for St John's

Colin Noble, Suffolk County Council leader said "James is just what the County Council needs - young, hard working and brings a new prospective to the residents of St John's.

"James would be the youngest councillor on the county council and would ensure St John's now had a representative standing up for the Division at the hear of the county council."

James has been involved in local campaigning for several years and therefore he understands the needs of local residents. His key priorities are:

1) Finding solutions to the issue of hospital parking in the eastern area of the division in conjunction with neighbouring Conservative councillors in Bixley and Rushmere.

2) Tackling rat-running and speeding through residential streets.

3) Supporting the proposed Upper Orwell Crossings and Northern Route to help ease traffic congestion and new business and job opportunities which the schemes will create.

4) Continuing to push for new jobs and a better town centre to build on recent successes and record low rates of unemployment.

5) Campaign for greater investment in repairs to pot holes and pavements.