It takes guts to make difficult decisions....


... but you do it by being open, listening to people, and addressing their concerns fairly.

The Old Labour administation in Ipswich evidently don't have the courage of good leadership. Why do I say that?

Their Corporate Plan puts an emphasis on how much it values consultation to help inform decisions (for example 66 people responded to the 'consultation' on the budget, and the corporate plan)

Labour Leader, Cllr. Ellesmere, professes to value 'openness, transparency and consultation', yet his administration recently made two very important decisions, potentially affecting many hundreds (if not thousands) of local residents in secret, behind closed doors, without any consultation whatsoever.

When asked, at Full Council, why this had happened, Cllr. Ellesmere was reduced to his usual sarcastic bullying style in order to avoid answering the question.

Local residents have a right to know what is going on, instead of Labour putting uncomfortable, contentious, issues on the closed agenda for various committees, they should be available to the public to be challenged