Ipswich Labour MP thinks he knows better than his constituents

Tom Hunt writes "As it happens I campaigned for and voted for Britain to leave the EU. However, the main reason why I find these comments so troubling is because they appear to indicate a real disregard for the democratic verdict expressed by the country and more importantly his own constituents.

"He talks about representative democracy but what happened with the referendum was that Parliament contracted out its sovereignty on the particular issue of our membership of the EU to the British people. Mr Martin doesn’t seem to understand this.

"The people of Ipswich were asked what they thought and they voted decisively to leave the EU. Ipswich residents don’t deserve patronising and condescending statements. They need an MP who will do their bit to help deliver Brexit and honours the democratic verdict they expressed in the summer of 2016."

Read the full article & hear Mr Martin's comments on Tom's website here .