So it looks like we're going to be heading to the polls this December. Reluctantly I have come to the view that this election is necessary (despite the unfortunate timing) .

This Parliament has in my view failed the people of this country, it has failed to deliver Brexit and has been stuck in a logjam of its own making for the past few months. Despite the best efforts of the Prime Minister he has been blocked in Parliament at every stage by those determined to thwart attempts to respect the referendum result. In my view the behaviour of some MP's has been nothing short scandalous and I really do hope that this election results in a clear result so we can deliver Brexit once and for all and move forward as a country.

I was selected as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate 13 months ago and in that time I've had the privilege of meeting many thousands of Ipswich residents to discuss their priorities. My local election manifesto has been formed on the back of these conversations.

You will see on my website all the various issues I've been involved in locally, however, central to my campaign will also be fighting to ensure that the referendum result that took place over three years ago is respected.

A vote for Labour is a vote for a years more dithering and delay and then a second referendum where Remain will be an option. A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to block Brexit completely without even having a referendum. A vote for the Brexit Party risks letting the Labour Party in.

Voting for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party is a vote for Brexit to be delivered and for the country to move on and break free from the paralysis our politics has been stuck in for so long. I am deeply passionate about our Country and our Town. I would be deeply honored if you would consider lending me your vote.