Dealing with gang-related problems, by Cllr Ian Fisher

On behalf of the Conservative group at Ipswich Borough Council, Conservative Group Leader, Ian Fisher, proposed a motion at November's Council meeting.

This Council agrees that working together with other agencies and local authorities to find a solution to the gang-related problems, and the exploitation of vulnerable people, currently taking place on the streets of our Town will be a high priority for Ipswich Borough Council.

Ian says "I wanted to ensure that all Councillors focussed their efforts on constructive solutions rather than some of the destructive political mud-slinging that had taken place at recent Area Committee meetings. This is not a time to focus on blame, this can wait. The time is now to re-assure the residents of our town, and especially the worst affected areas, that Ipswich is a safe place to live and raise your children.

"I was extremely pleased to receive cross-party backing and must thank Councillor Ellesmere for kindly seconding the motion. The mere fact no time was spent on mindless political bickering has hopefully fulfilled the purpose of the motion.

"Ipswich Conservatives believe that our town should be an aspirational place to live which will further help to make our town a better, safer, more vibrant and forward-thinking place to raise your family. We want the opportunity to transform our town and have exciting plans to do so."