Bryony Rudkin, Labour's Executive member with responsibility for culture, was more than evasive when asked at Full Council why the leisure and competition pools at Crown Pools didn't open on time.

Apparently, she says, 'lessons are to be learnt', after explaining that the wrong materials were used in the leisure pool so all the tiles came off as soon as the wave machine was turned on! No excuses so far for the competition pool.

So, who provided the specification? This should have been part of a full and detailed procurement process - a process which Labour discontinued when they took control in Ipswich, saying it was unnecessary!

And, when Cllr Terry asked her whether it would be the contractor or the tax payer who would pick up the bill for these overruns and additional costs - she didn't answer. Which obviously means that it is the council taxpayer because if the contractor was responsible she would have said something like 'we are having discussions with the contractor.