Conservatives invest in Ipswich Rail Station

Working together, local MP Ben Gummer and Conservative run Suffolk County Council, have worked hard to transform Ipswich into the strong, vibrant county town that local people have long wanted.  Just look at Ipswich Station.

This strong partnership has begun to show results. A transformation that will bring benefits for every Ipswich resident. 

Suffolk County Council has contributed £480,000 to the transformation of the station forecourt. 
Now visitors will get a great first impression of the town and commuters have the facilities and ease of use that they deserve. The interior now has a far more attractive and modern layout and new retail units.

However this transformation is under threat by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, whose plans locally for the County Council would bankrupt it within months and put these developments at risk. 

Only by electing Theresa May's Conservative Councillor where you live, can you ensure a bright, prosperous future for Ipswich.

Don’t let Labour destroy Ipswich’s future, vote Conservative.