Conservative MP candidate Tom Hunt calls on Labour MP for Ipswich to up his game when it comes to campaign for northern bypass

Tom Hunt statement regarding consultation for the proposed Northern bypass: "I'm glad that plans for a northern bypass are progressing through the various stages and that local people are going to be able to have their say through the consultation process.

"This is a good opportunity for those in the Town who're supportive of the bypass to make clear their views. Earlier this year I conducted a transport survey across Ipswich and it made clear the depth of support there is for a northern bypass. I expect this support to become evident throughout the consultation process.

"The northern bypass is long overdue and would bring major economic benefits to the region as well as helping to reduce traffic levels in the Town. "During the last General election campaign the Labour MP for Ipswich promised that by the time of the next election he would get the Department for Transport to transfer the money that had been earmarked for the Upper Orwell Crossings to the northern bypass. However, from what I can see his attempts to do this have been lacklustre.

"He has been in Parliament for over two years but there is little evidence to suggest that the Labour MP for Ipswich has been campaigning for a northern bypass. Ipswich needs an MP that will fight for the northern bypass and work to secure the funds necessary from the Government. A proper campaign is needed and the local MP for Ipswich needs to play a key role in this. A lazy exchange of letters with the Department for Transport isn't enough.

"It seems to suit the Labour MP for Ipswich to sit there and try and score political points over the northern bypass rather than spearhead an energetic campaign to secure the necessary backing for the project. The reality is that when I met with the Secretary of State for Transport in May to discuss the northern bypass he wasn't even aware what the Labour MP for Ipswich thought about the scheme.

"If we want a northern bypass then we need an MP for Ipswich that will fight for it. He doesn't. I will."

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