Conservative Group to propose waiving fees for under 18's funerals

The Conservative Borough Group have proposed a motion that would see fees waived for burials or cremations of any Ipswich residents under the age of 18, using the Borough Council's services.

Stoke Park Councillor Nadia Cenci said: "The sum of money would not be great in the total council budget – I am sure it could be absorbed by the council’s reserves – but it could be one less thing for families to deal with at a difficult time."

This will be discussed at the full council meeting next Wednesday. The full wording says-

  • Losing a child is an extremely difficult time for parents and we would like to reduce their burden of a sudden and unexpected cost when they are going through such tragic and devastating grief.  The Conservative Group asks that Ipswich Borough Council waives all of its own burial and cremation fees for Ipswich residents under 18 with immediate effect.

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