Concern over Landseer park

Cllr Liz Harsant


We are nearing the end of the Summer Holidays and the country has suffered the worse violence I have ever seen during my life time.  You cannot open a newspaper without reading about the riots and the sentences being handed down.  We have been lucky in Ipswich and it proves that we are a very tolerant law abiding town.  But this morning I took my dog for a walk across Landseer Park, something I do every Sunday, and was horrified to see perched on top of the BMX track a burnt out car. One dog walker told me that there was a different one yesterday and that there was a lot of broken glass and drug paraphernalia all over the park.  What a shame.  The BMX track is something that all young people can use from all around this area, it doesn’t cost anything and it is fun and now it is blighted – sadly all the benches that willing volunteers had spent their time installing have all been pulled up as well.