Well done to Cllrs Cenci, Debman and Phillips for their results from yesterday's local elections.


Don't forget to go out and vote today.


Don't forget to go out and vote today!

Housing in Ipswich

Not for the first time, David Ellesmere presents half truths about housing in his article of 12th May in the Ipswich Star.Here is our reply.

Conservatives - Better for Ipswich

CONSERVATIVES - BETTER FOR IPSWICHOn 22 May voters in Ipswich will get 2 votes, one for Ipswich Borough Council elections and one for the European Parliament.

The Conservative Party’s local election campaign

We have a plan to deliver a sustainable economic recovery and we are taking difficult long-term decisions to secure a better future for Britain and our children.  That’s why we are cutting the deficit, fixing the welfare system, limiting immigration, delivering apprenticeships and helping Britain’s businesses create jobs. We are restoring a truly proud and independent Britain – one that is economically secure and not reliant on other countries: a country which backs those who do the right thing and those who want to work hard. 

Only the Conservatives spend YOUR money wisely

Every Conservative is crucially aware that the Council has no money of its own -  it is YOUR money and that is why Conservative Councillors at the Borough & County Councils work hard to ensure we do not take a penny more than we need to run the services we provide for you.


The Mayor opened the refurbished play area in Cherry Lane Recreation Ground today (Saturday 29 March). This recreation ground is in the north west corner of Bixley Ward between Rushmere Road and Woodbridge Road.  Funding for the scheme came from a Viridor landfill tax credits scheme, from the Borough Council’s North East Committee, and donations from county councillors’ locality budgets.

Hospital Parking

Conservative Candidate Eddy Phillips (pictured) has been speaking to residents in various parts of Bixley and has discovered that many of them are not aware of what the local councillors have agreed with the hospital to help ease hospital parking problems. Therefore we are re-producing below an article which appeared in our In Touch leaflet from a few weeks ago.