The Queen's speech

When we came to office in 2010, Britain was on the brink. Our task was urgent: to rescue our economy from the mire. With that economy now going in the right direction, we are once again on the brink - but this time, on the brink of something special. We have a golden opportunity to renew the idea that working people are backed in this country; to renew the promise to those least fortunate that they will have the opportunity for a brighter future; and to renew the ties that bind every part of our United Kingdom. We now have the mandate to deliver that renewal. And it starts with today's Queen's Speech: a clear programme for working people, social justice, and bringing our country together - put simply, a One Nation Queen's Speech from a One Nation Government.

Prime Minister announces long term economic plan for the East of England

Jobs, transport, science, agri-tech, energy and defence are at the heart of the six point long term economic plan for the East of England. The Prime Minister has set out his six-point long term economic plan for the East of England showing what has been delivered, what is underway and what more can be done to make the regional economy prosperous in the long term.In a speech at Felixstowe Port, the Prime Minister set out the detailed plan as part of a day long tour of the region.


Ben Gummer and his colleagues in government are enabling the UK economy to steam ahead.  All the major sectors of the UK economy are picking up in growth  -manufacturing, construction and the dominant services sector have shown this week a rebound in their acceleration, with employment levels continuing to rise, according to Markit/CIPS.