Ipswich Port - a hidden success story

Here’s a question for you.  Which port in the United Kingdom last year exported more agricultural products than anywhere else?  Felixstowe?  Southampton?  Hull?  Liverpool?  None of these. It was our very own Ipswich.

Fixing the housing market

The housing market is one of the greatest barriers to people today. It doesn’t matter if you buy or rent, housing is increasingly unaffordable for people who work hard.

Lower Unemployment In Ipswich with Conservatives

With strong financial and fiscal management of the national and Suffolk economy by the Conservatives, in Ipswich unemployment has reduced again  - a month on month reduction of 1.5%. It has fallen from a peak of 4,545 now down to 1,305.

Happy new year from Ipswich Conservatives

Ipswich Conservative officers and councillors would like to wish everyone a happy new year.

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