Vote Conservative on Thursday

Vote Conservative on Thursday 4th May. To understand why, please go to our Suffolk County Elections pages where you can read about our plans for the next 4 years. You can also find out about our local candidates across the town....

Who do you trust with Council Tax?

Only the Conservatives can be trusted to keep Council Tax low for hard-working families in Suffolk. The facts are clear. Conservatives have fulfilled an 8 year Council Tax Freeze from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2018.

Suffolk County Council Reserves- Labour Myths and the Truth

Due to their lack of understanding of Suffolk County Council finances, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been confusing & misleading residents with information on their leaflets about SCC Reserves which is simply not correct ! 

A Modern Vibrant Cornhill

We are contributing £800,000 towards the regeneration of the Cornhill. This will enable the centre of the town to have a new focus and turn it into an even more attractive area for entertaining and socialising.

We are improving bus and rail services

Suffolk needs a strong and reliable transport network.  We need a transport network that can help our businesses thrive, but also help us all get out – visit friends, family and enjoy ourselves.

More Money Per Head for Ipswich

Working together, our Conservative MPs and Conservative run Suffolk County Council, are investing the money into Ipswich that our people deserve.