Ipswich Hospital and Local Health Services

Ben campaigned for retaining services in Ipswich Hospital even before he became MP for Ipswich, successfully leading to bringing back heart and other specialist services to Heath Road.

A Good Job and Home for All

Ben has a simple ambition for Ipswich - that everyone has the security of a good job and a home to live in.

New trees for our town

The Railway Station forecourt re-design originally had no trees included in the design until Ben intervened and the council agreed to plant 16 new trees.

Now for a Northern Route

Two years ago, Ben promised two new routes - a Northern Route and the Upper Orwell Crossings  - to end the congestion that too often blocks our town. He has managed to win the funding and engage an architect to start work on the Upper Orwell Crossings.

Ipswich Rising - thanks to Ben

Ipswich is on the up, because we have Ben Gummer working with the Conservative County Council. Along with the Ipswich Vision group, they have brought about confidence from private business to invest in out town, which linked with public investment, means that Ipswich IS rising.

Who do you trust to get the best Brexit Deal?

This will only be achieved by voting for BEN GUMMER on June 8th. A vote for another party could result in a coalition of chaos led by a weak Jeremy Corbyn propped up the LibDems and Nicola Sturgeon. 

Manchester Attack

All our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected at this most difficult of times.

Ben on our Manifesto Launch

Theresa May has launched our manifesto for Britain’s future. It is a manifesto to see us through Brexit and beyond. Read Ben's comments here.