Students And Graduates Deserve Better Than Jeremy Corbyn’s Cynical Bait-And-Switch

Over five million people have student debt. Jeremy Corbyn told each of those people he would get rid of it. That was a deception, calculated to win people’s votes and trust - a promise thrown out as soon as the ballot boxes were opened. Everyone should remember that next time Corbyn tries to claim he represents ‘straight-talking honest politics’.

New Conservative Group Leader

Councillor Ian Fisher has taken over from Councillor Nadia Cenci as Leader of the Conservative Group at Ipswich Borough Council.

We want to keep the Upper Orwell Crossings

In his Six Point Plan for Ipswich, Ben Gummer and the Conservatives promised to secure the funds to build a Wet Dock Crossing across the Orwell. The Chancellor announced that the Wet Dock Crossing would be given the go-ahead.

Message from Ben Gummer - thanking the people of Ipswich

As a Suffolk boy, it has been the greatest honour to represent a town I have known and cared about since I was a child. I am proud of what we have done in the last seven years to help Ipswich begin to become the town it deserves to be.


The results of the general election on Thursday 8th June are as below. We thank the 23,000 people that voted for Ben.

Turn out: 67.71%

Ben GUMMER Conservative 23,399

Green  840


Liberal Democrats1187

Labour 24,235

Independent 121


Ben Gummer is the only candidate to vote for, building on our town's successes and ensure Theresa May is the person to see us through Brexit and keep our nation secure and our economy strong.