Local News

Update on Holywells Allotments

Holywells Allotments have received 6 new two-wheeled wheelbarrows, courtesy of Councillor, Liz Harsant.

Chris gives donation to Lofty Heights

Lofty Heights supports individuals, carers and professionals with preparing people for hospital discharge as well as supporting those with dementia. This is a crucial service that Chris is extremely proud to support.

Lower Unemployment for Ipswich Residents

More good news for Ipswich Residents - the number of people on out of work benefits has fallen by 53% since 2010 when the Conservatives started repairing the economy, which Jeremy Corbyn's party had so recklessly driven to the edge of the cliff.

James' key priorities for St John's

Colin Noble, Suffolk County Council leader said "James is just what the County Council needs - young, hard working and brings a new prospective to the residents of St John's.

New Conservative Group Leader

Councillor Ian Fisher has taken over from Councillor Nadia Cenci as Leader of the Conservative Group at Ipswich Borough Council.