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With Labour you pay MORE and get less.

On a street which is split by council boundaries you can see a household will pay far LESS than it's neighbour because it's in a Conservative council area.

The facts are indisputable. With Labour you pay MORE and get less. It's time this changes.


Conservatives in Ipswich Campaigning to deliver Brexit

Most of us actively campaigned for Leave in the Referendum and have not changed our stance since. Both local Conservative Associations, Ipswich / Central Suffolk & North Ipswich are still, and will remain, strong campaigners to ensure the result of the Referendum is enacted.

Tom Hunt on Housing Policy

We hear often about how we’re living through a “housing crisis”. It has become harder and harder for young people to secure a foothold on the property ladder and in certain areas there often hasn’t been enough affordable housing to go around.

Labour's shocking failures in our town centre

The Labour Council have just announced they are to spend nine months refurbishing the old Post Office building on the Cornhill, which has stood empty for four years.

Statement on Brexit by Tom

Clearly the situation in Parliament at the moment is incredibly frustrating. There was a clear vote to leave the EU in the referendum and a clear deadline to leave the EU by the end of this month. The prospect of the Brexit deadline being extended fills me with dread.