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The Gem that is Holywells Park by Liz Harsant

A hidden gem often not as well known or as popular as Christchurch Park, but believe me it is the most beautiful Park you could wish to visit. I have been using the Park for many years; when my children were young; when I was a dog walker; and then with my grandchildren - but now I just enjoy the peace and tranquillity Holywells Park offers, writes Cllr Liz Harsant.

Ipswich is better with the Conservatives

The Conservatives are helping to deliver positive change in Ipswich, which will make residents’ lives and businesses better for the future, creating new jobs and opportunities.

MPs approve 3rd reading of Withdrawal Bill

Whilst the Labour MP for Ipswich votes with his party to block and delay the EU Withdrawal Bill at every opportunity, against the will of the Ipswich electorate, the majority of MPs in the House of Commons vote to support the bill.

Happy new year

We would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year 2018. With the Conservatives running the country, you can be sure of a prosperous future.

Below are a few national headlines that we are proud of.

Conservatives Raise Concerns Over Labour’s Borrowing Spree

The Labour administration has borrowed another £56 million, taking Ipswich’s debt to an astonishing £187 million. The Conservative opposition group, led by Cllr Ian Fisher, has raised serious concerns over this, especially as the administration refuses our requests to disclose what they intend to spend this money on.