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Ipswich Buses has new manager - just what we have been asking for

Ipswich Conservatives have been calling for Ipswich Buses, which is run and owned by Labour-run Borough Council, to employ transport experts, in order to turn round the current inefficient operation of the company which is losing so much money.

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Ipswich Conservatives' Ambition for Ipswich

It's time for a change of direction in Ipswich, and the Conservatives are ready for the challenge to transform Ipswich. Read about you local candidates and proposals here.
Vote Conservative on Thursday - this town needs a change from the present Labour administration which is damaging opportunities for the residents of Ipswich.

Chris gives funds to friends of Christchurch Park

Conservative County Councillor for St Margaret's & Westgate, presented a cheque for £2000 to the Friends of Christchurch Park group from his locality budget towards their Water Fountain Project.

Candidate pledges for local elections

We asked that all 3 parties' candidates in the local elections adopt a respectful and positive tone in campaigning, which they confirmed that they would.