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Thoughts from our new MP, Tom Hunt

It has been the greatest honour of my life to have been elected as the Member of Parliament for Ipswich in the early hours of Friday morning. 


Congratulations to Tom Hunt who has been elected as the new Conservative MP for Ipswich.

Our thanks to the 24,952 people in the constituency who have voted for Tom.

The other results were-


Green party 1283

Lib-dems 2439

Labour 19,473


On Thursday, you have the chance to end the gridlock.

No more arguments. It’s time to end the uncertainty.

Let’s be honest. The country has been stuck in a rut.

Parliament has spent the last three years going round in circles – agreeing on nothing except more arguments.

Tom's focus on tackling crime in Ipswich

Since early November we've spoken to over 8,000 people across the Town. The need to tackle crime has come up time and time again. Its been the number one local issue raised directly with me. If elected there will be no greater priority for me than working to tackle crime across Town.

Tom's thoughts from the campaign trail

Since the 1st of November I have spoken to over 8,000 individuals from all across the town. Many of these people have been life long traditional Labour Party voters and they feel they have been betrayed by the party they have supported for so long.

Your choice of 2 futures for the United Kingdom


The only way to bring about a Majority Conservative Government is to VOTE FOR TOM HUNT on Thursday 12th December. Voting any other way or not voting risks the allowing in a Corbyn Coalition of Chaos.

Should convicted terrorists serve their full sentence?

Tom says "I am truly terrified at the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbot being responsible for our national security. There is a scary prospect that this could become a reality."

Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen, VOTE FOR TOM HUNT ON THURSDAY 12TH DECEMBER. 


Michael Gove visits Ipswich

During his visit for lunch at the Belstead Arms on Wednesday, Michael Gove was interviewed by the Ipswich Star about why people should back me and Boris in Ipswich.

Boris launches the Conservative Manifesto

Better hospitals. Safer streets. World-class schools. Let’s get Brexit done so we can deliver our manifesto.

Parliament spent the last three years going round in circles – and getting nothing done.