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Talking with Tom

We are living through extraordinary times and I’m fully aware of how difficult things are for many of my constituents at the moment. Particularly many of the elderly and more vulnerable members of our community and those being advised to self-isolate.

Corona virus update from Tom Hunt

Over the last few days, there have been significant developments in the spread of coronavirus as we have seen more and more confirmed cases across the country. Tragically the number of fatalities from the virus has also risen.

Postponement of May 2020 elections

Local, mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections that were due to take place in May this year will be postponed until May 2021, the Government has confirmed.

Tom welcomes the Budget

Tom Hunt, welcomed the Budget delivered by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, which addresses many of the issues Tom had called to be addressed.

Tom on BBC Radio Suffolk

Tom was intereviewed on Lesley Dolphin's show a few days ago,

Tom says "I had the pleasure to be the guest on the BBC Radio Suffolk Lesley Dolphin show. During my interview I discussed a range of topics including my first week in Parliament, opportunities for people with special educational needs, closures to the Orwell Bridge and long term fixes to our rail network."

We are celebrating Brexit today

The United Kingdom finally leaves the European Union at 11pm tonight, marking the dawn of our national renewal.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Tom says "I was very proud to leave a message in the Holocaust Educational Trust's book of commitment to mark the 75th year since the liberation of the concentration camps of Europe following the end of the second world war.