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Tom Reports Back on Conference

Tom has attended the the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Despite all the difficulties in Parliament there was a lot of positivity at the Conference and hope for the future. The overriding theme of the Conference was “Get Brexit Done”. The vast majority of people I’ve spoken to on the doorstep over the past month or so, whether they voted Leave or Remain in the referendum simply want us to get on with leaving the EU so that we can move forward as a country and start fully focusing on over important domestic issues.

Alexandra by election result

The Alexandra by election occurred on Thursday. Unfortunately Lee Reynolds did not win. However we thank those residents who did vote Conservative on this occasion in what turned out to be a very low 22% turnout.

By Election in Alexandra Ward

If you live in Alexandra Ward, you may be aware there is a borough council by election on Thursday 26 September. Lee Reynolds, who lives in the ward, is the Conservative Candidate.

For full details of his commitments, please visit our dedicated webpage.


My view is that Ipswich Borough Council should introduce a local residency requirement for all Council homes so that only those who have lived in Ipswich for at least 6 years are eligible. So far the local Labour council haven't responded to requests.

Tom's letter in response to current MP's column on northern bypass

I write in response to the local Labour MP's weekly column published last Friday about the northern bypass. I'm glad that my questioning regarding his commitment to the northern bypass has triggered a response however I feel as though there are some inaccuracies that I need to point out.