My view is that Ipswich Borough Council should introduce a local residency requirement for all Council homes so that only those who have lived in Ipswich for at least 6 years are eligible. So far the local Labour council haven't responded to requests.

Tom's letter in response to current MP's column on northern bypass

I write in response to the local Labour MP's weekly column published last Friday about the northern bypass. I'm glad that my questioning regarding his commitment to the northern bypass has triggered a response however I feel as though there are some inaccuracies that I need to point out.

Tom's statement on latest developments

Tom Hunt says "Very disappointed that last night 328 MPs decided to vote against the Prime Minister and destroy our country's negotiating position with the EU. There is nothing at all that will be achieved by further dithering and delay.

Corbyn’s Surrender Bill

58% of the people of Ipswich voted for Brexit. We have spoken to thousands of people in Ipswich who want Brexit delivered, but the Labour MP for Ipswich does not hold the same views as his electors so continues to do everything he can to stop Brexit. 

We will not accept any attempt to further delay Brexit

The Prime Minister spoke from 10 Downing Street this evening, at 6pm, pledging to fight crime, improve the NHS, support schools, cut the cost of living, and unlock talent and opportunity across the entire United Kingdom as part of our plan to get the country back on the road to a brighter future.