Candidate pledges for local elections

We have asked that all 3 parties' candidates in the local elections adopt a respectful and positive tone in campaigning.

All Conservative candidates in the local elections are asked to agree to the following pledges:

To set a tone in public debate that allows others to participate in public life and demonstrates that politics is an activity engaged for the good of all.

To encourage our supporters to campaign on social media in a respectful manner and to condemn supporters who engage in intimidatory behaviour.

To refrain from making abusive or offensive attacks on other candidates in written literature, on social media or verbally.

Councillor Ian Fisher asked the leaders of the Ipswich Labour and Liberal Democrat parties whether their candidates would agree to similar pledges. Cllr Ellesmere, Labour Group leader, confirmed a similar pledge that their candidates follow. Cllr Lockington from the Liberal Democrats, gave her party's general support to the principles.