Manifesto 2019

                                           PUTTING IPSWICH PEOPLE FIRST


‘Put Pride Back into Our Town Centre’

We will develop a new Local Discount Scheme that will offer all Ipswich residents reductions on the Council-owned services their Council Tax pays for, such as;

Regent, Ipswich Buses, Sports Centres & Car Parks – where we will use technology based on car registration numbers.

We will also set up a retail discount scheme where car parking fees can be redeemed through purchases with independent retailers in the Town Centre.

We will make full use of all discretionary schemes for Business Rate relief including the £950k of funding recently announced by the Conservative government.

We will negotiate better with potential Tenants - thus avoiding empty properties in prime locations such as the Post Office building, which the Labour administration are dragging their heels on.

We will clean up the area by changing the street cleaning schedule to account for our expanding night-time economy. Wastesaver will use Gull-proof bags for Town Centre businesses so the contents are not strewn across the streets, which has caused vermin problems. We must ensure we provide a welcoming environment for visitors to our town.

We will put pressure on landowners where their site is in a state of disrepair and force them to clean it up.

We will support a project similar to ‘Ipswich in Bloom’ and provide more planters in and around the town. We will ensure street trees are prominent, creating a healthy & vibrant environment and helping to tackle air pollution.

We will fully promote Ipswich as a tourist destination and work in conjunction with other local authorities to do so, highlighting the amazing cultural experiences we have to offer. Ipswich Borough Council currently spends only £5k per annum on this.

We will react positively to the changes in the national retail sector and ensure innovative usage of all Town Centre buildings - especially those owned by IBC

Guarantee the return of the Bury Road (ASDA) Park & Ride.

Ensure Ipswich Buses makes it easy to get from the estates into the centre.



‘Take Back Our Streets’

We will provide £300k of funding to Suffolk Police guaranteed for 2 years – this could be extended if need be, to tackle the growing concern about town centre gangs, thefts etc.

We will work with the Police & Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore, to best place these but to insist that they are to be a visible presence. This policy is NOT aimed at reducing gang related crime, or any other crime, but more to reassure the 99% of Ipswich residents who are law abiding that they are being looked after and not forgotten about.

We will ensure there is a dedicated officer working solely on tackling ASB employed by IBC.

We will look at more parking enforcement in all areas of the town. This is a common complaint received by Councillors – we will not allow illegal parking by any sections of our community.

We will ensure resident representation on the groups deciding where to spend the £150k committed to tackle ASB in Priory Heath and the 2 other areas of the town yet to be announced.

We will also ensure better integration to ensure understanding of our town, building on the partnership working that is already in place.



‘Local Houses for Local People’

We have one simple policy;

We will do whatever we can to ensure that you, the local people are prioritised when it comes to the allocation of affordable housing. This isn't currently happening.

We will initiate a Residency Requirement for Housing – Labour do not do this.

A Recent FOI request revealed that non-locals could be given new housing before local families

We will introduce a local residency requirement. Only local people will be able to join the local housing register and be eligible for council housing. You will need to live in Ipswich for at least six years before being able to access council housing. There are example of other councils doing this. It’s time for Ipswich Borough Council to do the same.



‘Your Town Your Say’

We will ensure better consultation on projects to ensure that you, as residents, are behind the big spending.

This includes better consultation on big projects to ensure that residents understand what it entails & will have improved input onto new schemes such as the Cornhill renovation.

We will hold a massive public awareness campaign informing you how to take part

Major schemes will be decided on by public opinion with more involvement too from schools and colleges

We will encourage more consultation proactively via face to face at IBC events and area committees.

We will make it easier to get your voice heard and we will ensure that those of you taking part are communicated with.